eXplainable AI Summer School

August 29 - September 02, 2022, Delft, NL



XAISS aims to cover some of the most important topics in explainable AI (e.g. post-hoc interpretability in ML, interpretable representation learning in language and vision tasks, counterfactuals, human-centric explainability and others) and their applications in important subject areas (e.g. language, vision, search and recommendation systems). This summer school will involve both lectures and hands-on activities. The lectures and tutorials will be taught by leading international experts in the area of explainable AI from both academia and the industry. All the materials, content and code will be accessible to all participants with focus being placed on reducing the entry barrier to Explainable AI topics. The school will also cover a wide variety of talks that will explore societal implications of explainable AI on society for a more nuanced and holistic treatment of the topic.

Socials and Networking

The program will include a stellar line up for socials to foster networking and a great school experience like quizzes, city-tour, barbeques and even a pub crawl. Participants will be encouraged to (optionally) present their work at poster sessions during the school and to interact with our speakers and experts and with each other during the coffee breaks throughout the week.


The target audience will consist primarily of Master and Doctoral students, academics and practitioners from all around the world. The school will be advertised with a public call and participants will be selected on the basis of merit and to promote diversity. We aim to have attendees with the requisite technical background and some understanding and practical experience of machine learning.

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